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Daniel is a certified USHPA instructor and tandem pilot with over 10 years of teaching paragliding, speedflying, and paramotoring. 


I have known, flown with, and for Daniel Randall as one of his Flystyle Team Pilots for over six years. Daniel is an extremely competent solo pilot, instructor, and tandem pilot.

Jon Malmberg

Daniel is a caring person who is always carefully watching his students and others and is able to offer good advice and feedback.

Matt Henzi


Bend, Hood River, Oregon Coast

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Intro Lessons

$395 | 2-4 Hours

Your intro lesson begins with an equipment introduction and demonstration. You begin ground handling, also known as 'kiting' with the aid of your instructor. We practice inflating and controlling the wing on the ground, learning the launch sequence, discussing the landing, and steering skills before introducing the element of flight.

The goal of this course is to give you a taste of flight and give you the ability to make an educated decision as to whether or not the sport of paragliding is for you.

School equipment
Paragliding Training Manual (PDF Textbook)

P1 - Paraglide

$1,095  | 8-26 Hours

Lessons include beginning ground and flight training. After 1-4 days of ground handling, and 1-3 days of flight training, the student should be prepared to move on to P2 training. Students achieve 3-5 solo flights during enrollment in the P1 course. After ground handling and flight training, student should be prepared to move on to P2 training.

Equipment until personal gear arrives
Art of Paragliding Textbook
Pilot's Training Manual Textbook
Official USHPA Log Book

P2 - Paraglide

$2,500 | ~ 120 hours

This package includes all basic ground and flight school instruction required to attain a Novice (P2) Certification. The course tuition includes instruction, flights, and test to attain the rating. Completion of the course takes approximately 8-12 days or about 120 hours of training. Upon completion of the P2 course the pilot will receive the USHPA “Novice Rating.” Students are encouraged to purchase their gear before starting the P2 program, but gear is still available to be rented. Please note that this will increase the cost of the lesson.

Please note, your 'Requested Start Date' will be subject to weather and scheduling so as soon as we get your purchase we will call or email to confirm dates, time and location.

P2 (Novice) Certification
120 Hours of Training
Flights & Testing

Speedflying Lessons

Must Enroll In P2 Paraglide Course

Flystyle requires all speedwing students to earn their P2 rating. During this process you will also learn how to speedfly at no additonal cost.


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